UV LED Curing Equipment 2800W UV Curing Machine Mixed Wavelength Curing Lamp

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UV LED Curing Equipment 2800W uv curing machine Mixed Wavelength Curing Lamp

UV LED Curing Equipment  Product Description

The UV LED Curing Equipment can be Air-cooled.
Various powers, sizes and circuits can be customized according to your requirements, including mixed wavelengths.
UV LED Curing Equipment beads are consumables. Please use the lamp beads reasonably to extend the service life,
so as not to burn the lamp beads when the current and voltage are too high.
UV LED Curing Equipment is suitable for curing of various UV printing industries, paints, UV inks, UV glues, and touch screens.

Quick detail of UV LED Curing Equipment 
Item: UV LED Curing Equipment 2800W 
Power:  2800W 
Color:  UV 
Number of lamp beads:  288 pcs 
Diode type:  6868 smd type 
Size:  460mm*75mm*65mm 
Luminous Size:  355mm*43mm 
Chip Material:  LG,Seoul,Epileds 
Wavelength:  365nm,385nm,395nm,405nm 
Cooling scheme:  Water cooling 
Application:  Apply in various printing industries, painting, and glue. 
optional : Single lamp, lamp + power supply, lamp + power supply + water tank 
Place of Origin:  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

Please pay special attention

Warm tips, in order to make our products play the best performance and reduce customer failure in the use of products, please note:
1) During the whole process of use, all people who are in direct contact with UVLED should take measures to prevent and eliminate static electricity, and do not touch the UV light emitting diode directly with their hands.

Attention should be paid to welding high-power UV LED:
1) The welding time should not exceed 3S;
2) Welding temperature should be less than 260 degrees Celsius.

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