UV LED Curing Lamp

UV curing lamp are used to dry and cure UV cured resins. UV curing lamp can be used in industries that involve UV cured resins, such as printing, screen printing, spray painting, PCB exposure, QR code, cigarette label, wine label, woodwork, good for uv curing lamp etc. UV curing lamp principle is to utilize the photochemical reaction of purple light.

UV Curing Lamp Product Description

Various powers, sizes and circuits can be customized according to your requirements, including mixed wavelengths.
UV Curing lamp are consumables. Please use the lamp beads reasonably to extend the service life,
so as not to burn the lamp beads when the current and voltage are too high.
It is suitable for curing of various UV printing industries, paints, UV inks, UV glues, and touch screens.

Our products are widely used for banknote inspection, testing, printing,UV shadow less curing,ink curing, paint curing and more. Our main products are UV LED; UV LED Module; UV LED Curing Head.

We have passed the high- tech enterprise certification.

We export our UV Curing lamp to Australia,USA,Brazil,UK, South Korea,Middle East and many other countries and regions.

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These UV Curing Lamp are high performance products that are designed for a wide range of applications. They feature a highly efficient UV curing system that will provide superior results every time. The UV Curing lamp are designed with safety in mind, with a range of protection measures to ensure safe and reliable use.

We understand that downtime can be costly for our customers, which is why we offer prompt and reliable service for our UV LED curing systems. Our service team is trained and equipped to handle repairs and replacements quickly, minimizing any disruptions to our customers' production processes.


1. Do not look directly at the UV light source of the LED UV curing lamp, and do not expose your skin to UV light for a long time, otherwise UV light will cause damage to your vision and skin;

2. Do not frequently bend the cable of the LED UV curing lamp, otherwise it may cause interruption or disconnection of the circuit;

3. Please do not disassemble the equipment randomly. Disassembling the equipment may cause electronic short circuits or UV light leakage, resulting in the scrapping of LED UV curing lamps and the inability of the machine to function properly.

4. Do not touch the irradiation head when the device is powered off or shortly after being powered on. Dust and dirt on the hands can easily adhere to the surface of the lamp, affecting the illumination of ultraviolet light. If the force is uneven, it may also damage the internal transistors, causing a decrease in the intensity of the light source and failing to achieve the rated effect.